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In loving memory of Jude Byrne and her enormous contribution to the drug user movement and a strong commitment to the community.

As you go about your day, you may not give much thought to people who use drugs – people who are sometimes on the fringes of mainstream society, marginalised by the media and often not thought about by the rest of us. But we need to start having conversations about the drug-using communities around Australia, as many of them are ageing, and they need our support to age and die with grace and dignity.

Through this resource, we aim to raise awareness of ageing drug users and their particular needs, so we can equip our aged care workforce and facilities with better skills, knowledge and support to care for older drug users.

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Ageing with care, autonomy and dignity

A workforce who need support and training


Pharmacotherapy and pain treatment


Hepatitis C treatment and prevention


Access to clinical staff and funding


Innovative models of care

Whatever your role and background, we hope it has shed light on some of the issues of national relevance for people with lived experience of drug use.

We also hope this resource has given you some ways forward: some ideas and talking points; some research and reflection; some small starts that can grow into big impacts.

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