The Being Real Project

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The being real project is a principles and best practice framework for drug user organisations to work with Aboriginal people who use drugs and Aboriginal community controlled organisations by sharing knowledge with Indigenous Australians through being real with each other.

In AIVL’s 2017-18 Funding Agreement the being real project is outlined as follows:

  • Develop a needs-based communication framework that identifies the most effective communication methods
  • Produce cross cultural harm reduction resources based on key principles identified in the needs-based communication framework
  • Establish partnerships with key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and develop and implement resources that support harm reduction and hepatitis C testing and treatment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Build capacity among member organisations to effectively engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who inject drugs.

The project is based on the component parts outlined below and in the associated links:

  • The  being real project outline and framework including the project goals, outputs, and deliverable’s.

Two project tools:

  • The being real tool: session plan a facilitated group discussion/community consultation; and
  • The being real tool: activities including the four activities ‘fishbowl disclosures’, ‘prevention strategies lucky dip’, ‘which side are they on?’, and ‘services yarning circle’.

Three supporting documents: