Approximate Deaths in Australia in Last 20 Years Due To Drug Overdose
That's Almost 5 Deaths a Day

Spotlight On Overdose

The rate of drug-related overdose resulting in death has remained remarkably consistent at between 5 and 9 people per 100,000 for the past two decades. Many of these deaths have been as a result of polysubstance use, including the use of alcohol. Every overdose death is preventable. We know what factors contribute to overdose – and we understand the impact it can have.  

We also know what we need to do to reduce the prevalence of overdose. We need extensive outreach and education efforts, including with health care workers, to reduce stigma and discrimination. We also need a holistic approach to health, one that is founded in evidence-based research and underpinned by harm reduction thinking.

Since March 2021, drug overdose has been overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we emerge from the pandemic, let’s take a moment to remember that overdose still claims lives. And that we still have a way to go to reduce the impact of overdose. AIVL has produced a series of videos to highlight which communities are most at risk and what we need to do to meet the challenges of overdose head on.

Together, let’s shine a spotlight on overdose.

The Video Series

Overdose doesn't discriminate

Overdose and young people

Peer-based organisations are essential to reduce the effects of Overdose.

How many more Australians do we need to lose?