Stigma, Discrimination & Injecting Drug Use: Online Training

May 2, 2019

This module was developed jointly by the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), AIVL, NUAA and the NSW Ministry of Health.

It provides insights and discussion around attitudes and behaviours towards people who inject drugs, with the aim to improve their health outcomes and experiences within health care settings.

The module identifies personal strategies health care workers can implement to reduce stigma and discrimination directed at people who inject drugs, and to build better therapeutic relationships.

The module will take about 40 minutes to complete and is available through the ASHM Learning Portal.

Both this module and AIVL’s award winning ‘A Normal Day’ Stigma and Discrimination Online Training Module – can be accessed via ASHM’s ‘Removing Barriers’ website

ASHM Membership will be required for full access.

The Removing Barriers website contains online learning for various audiences (healthcare workers, clinic receptions and managers, students in medical-related fields).  It aims to provide education on addressing the systemic barriers in healthcare settings, and bring awareness to stigmatising and discriminatory behaviour that impacts people at-risk or living with BBV/STI.