Needle and Syringe Program Best Practice Service Provision

June 25, 2018 jasonh

Consistency of equipment across different types of NSP outlets has been identified in the Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League’s (AIVL) Needle and Syringe Programs in Australia: Peer-led Best Practice report as a critical component of NSP best practice service provision. An audit of equipment availability across each state and territory reveals significant differences in the type of equipment between jurisdictions, as well as between different types of NSP outlets within jurisdictions.

Different types of injections require different types of equipment and it is critical that a consistent range of basic injecting equipment be provided across all NSP outlet types to ensure the NSP services can support the diversity of injecting drug use.

This factsheet outlines AIVL’s recommended equipment for NSPs across Australia.  It provides an overview of equipment that AIVL recommends NSPs stock as well as providing guidance to NSP staff on providing the right equipment for the right injection.