Arm yourself against Hep B! Vaccinate

May 24, 2018 jasonh
Why it’s important for injecting drug users to know about and understand hepatitis B?

Basically, the hepatitis B virus (hep B) attacks the liver. Hep B is both a blood borne virus and a sexually transmitted infection. It is very important to try to maintain the best liver health possible because the liver plays so many important functions in the body, including breaking down all the drugs we take. Most current drug users take a variety of substances that make the liver work harder; alcohol, benzos, grass, and ciggies, not to mention the cutting agents in the drugs we inject. It may be difficult to avoid these other liver stressors but you can vaccinate against the hep B virus so it doesn’t damage the liver further. A safe vaccine has been available since 1982. The vaccine provides protection against the hep B virus if you ever come into contact with it
in your day to day life.

Many injecting drug users (IDU) have hepatitis C (which also attacks our livers). There is no vaccine for hepatitis C. If you have both hep B and hep C it is called ‘co-infection’ and is discussed later.

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