Enhancing NSP Service Delivery

The Enhancing NSP Service Delivery project builds from national consultations that AIVL conducted in 2015 and 2017 on peer experiences using various types of NSP outlets across Australia, such as peer-run NSPs, syringe dispensing machines, pharmacies, hospitals and community health centres.

The project aims to strengthen Australia’s NSP system through a peer-led best practice framework that focuses on:

  • Creating a diversity of options with consistency of experience
  • Ensuring that all parts of Australia’s NSP system are welcoming and non-judgmental
  •  Ensuring consistency of equipment across all service types
  • Creating an enabling environment that maximises the widest availability of injecting equipment
  • Positioning NSPs as a core part of Australia’s health system
  • Creating pathways for employment of peers and encourage peer-employment outside of primary NSPs, and ensure that peer workers are adequately supported in the workplace
  • Ensuring funding allows for flexibility of service delivery
  • Creating greater service awareness and managing expectations
  • Creating consistency in data collection with a focus on collecting what is required

The Needle and Syringe Programs in Australia: Peer-led Best Practice report that informs this framework can be found here

A summary of the key findings may be read here